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Sinker and Wire EDM servicces

Contract and Production Work Wanted

Open time for cutting of molds, dies and production parts
  • EDM Machines are as common as a milling machine.  Delivery, Dependability and most important Qualityis whatkeeps our 150 plus customers satisfied. The company  presently have precision 4 Wire EDM's & 2 die sinking EDM's. The technology is constantly upgraded to maximize the full potential of the EDM process.
  • Our newest die making EDM machine utilizes the latest in PZ technology allowing for finer surface finishes, low electrode wear.  In many cases requiring only one electrode for jewelry, medallions and coining dies.

Did you ever wonder how EDM works? Here it is in 6 easy steps. 1. EDM stands for "Electrical Discharge Machine" 2. An electrical charge is applied to an electrode, a brass wire, copper, sterling, or graphite. 3. The electrode then makes a electrical connection with the steel. 4. A spark jumps from the electrode to the work piece and designates the steel with a controlled electrical charge. 5.  This process happens thousands of times per second.  The mirror image of the electrode is formed in the work piece 6. Picture Michelangelo with a chisel carving a marble sculpture, we do the same thing with electricity, only our chisel is a electrode.